Town of Coaling

From The Mayor's Office

January 30, 2013




I trust everyone is having a good week.  Many things are happening in our town and I will share some of those with you.  You may have noticed surveyors along Highway 11 , they are working on plans to widen Highway 11 this summer. They will be building turn lanes to lessen the danger of vehicles turning off the road. 


I will be meeting on January 29th with Lee Helms and Associates to discuss a new storm shelter to be placed on town property.  I will also meet with the Highway Department to discuss signs on Highway 11 that will identify where our shelter is located.  Hopefully all of our residents will be able to locate these shelters more easily.


We are working with the Planning Commission to help reduce the confusion some people are having and try to take a common sense approach to resolve some final issues.


The Town of Coaling is now fully responsible for opening the storm shelter on Highway 11 and the shelter will open and remain open when the area is under a tornado watch.  We are planning a workshop that will help us to be prepared in the event of a tornado.


Coaling is a great place to live and I am honored to serve as your Mayor! 





Best Regards,



William O. Burkhalter, Mayor

Phone: 507-0200